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PRODUCTS GStepD Desktop Controller/Simulator

GStep Desktop is a new integrated Controller/Simulator that drives our expanding family of Smart embedded G Code controllers.  Providing a highly integrated control environment for CNC control. GStep Desktop is Windows based.



GStepH Hexapod Controller/Simulator Coming

Our new Stewart Platform Hexapod simulator is nearing completion and will be released soon.       

Quad6X Quadrature Decoder

Quad6X is a 6-axis quadrature decoder capable of tracking the position of up to 6 quadrature sensors for precise linear/rotary position measurement.

  GenZ 6-Axis Hexapod and 3D Printer Controller

GenZ is our latest 6-Axis G Code controller with support for Mills, Hexapods and 3D printers.  GenZ is a closed loop controller with 6 Quadrature inputs.


MK4c+MM166 Stepper Controller

The MK4c+MM166 is a 4-axis 5A/45V bipolar stepper controller/driver combination using the latest 5A/45V TB6600 driver.


GenX 3D Printer Controller

GenX is a highly integrated 4-axis 3D printer controller with all the necessary electronics onboard.  


IMU8420 10DOF 32Bit Datalogger with EKF 

The IMU8420 is a compact, low cost, lithium battery or USB powered Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) Data Logger with 10 degrees of freedom with optional GPS, Zigbee or ANT wireless.  

GenY32 Smart G Code Controller

The GenY32 Smart G Code Controller with 32bit Processor is available now.  With Mach3 plugin, GRBL port and tinyg port shortly.


Wallae Technology

Working closely with Simon Fraser University SOC Robotics is exploring a new walking technology called Wallae.


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