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Amber Web Server

The Amber Web Server is a low cost entry level IP server based on the ATmega128 14.756MHz processor with 10BaseT Ethernet, dual serial and general purpose expansion port.  An open source OS and development tool chain make this an excellent entry level platform for IP enabled applications in the industrial, process automation and educational arenas.



  P1  Processor

The P1 Video processor is a high performance DSP based, small form factor, processing module with extensive expansion options.  The P1 is a dual processor design combining a Blackfin ADSP-BF532 400Mhz DSP and an ATmega16 8 bit RISC processor.  Expansion options include video I/O modules, 10/100 Ethernet, TFT LCD display controller and FPGA adapters.  The P1 is ideal for inspection, security, industrial process control and related embedded applications requiring real time vision processing.



  Chinook Processors

The Chinook family of compact, ultra small form factor, embedded processors are designed for standalone, tethered or wireless operation.  Each processor may operate independently, jointly with other Chinooks or as a satellite processor to an Amber or P1 master controller. 




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