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Amber Embedded Web Servers
WS128  Amber Micro Web Server
   Hardware Reference Manual
Rev 1.5c Schematics

Description: AVR ATmega128 based 10BaseT open source web server with serial flash and RS-485 expansion options. Complete GNU tools available.
Price: WS128 $85.00  
  WS128-HDK $98.00  
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The WS128 Amber Micro Web Server is a general purpose, small form factor, micro-controller with 128K Flash, 8 10bit A/D channels, 2 serial ports, 32 digital IO, 2-Wire port, SPI port and 10BaseT Ethernet port.  The board comes with extensive open source software support including a GNU C compiler, open source OS and an open source TCP/IP stack. The 10BaseT Ethernet interface provides IP interfacing to the desktop for high speed program downloading, communication and general web application development.   The WS128 is an excellent platform for industrial control, dedicated web server, hobbyist and robotic control applications.

A comprehensive open source software development tool kit is provided that includes a TCP/IP stack, web server and OS providing the system designer with complete control over the software development process.  A GNU C compiler provides flexible application development on both Windows and Linux platforms.

    o  17.56MHz ATmega128 Atmel 8bit AVR RISC Processor
    o  128Kbyte Flash
    o  64Kbyte RAM
    o  10BaseT Ethernet Port
    o  High Speed Serial Port
    o  8Ch 10bit Analog Input port
    o  16 Digital IO ports
    o  Expansion bus for daughter cards
    o  LED status indicators
    o  ISP Programming port
    o  7-14VDC input
    o  Power via Ethernet port
    o  Open Source TCP/IP, web server
    o  GNU C Compiler
    o  Many source examples

Component Layout


The Amber Web Server is available in three configurations.  First time developers should consider purchasing the complete Hardware Development Kit (HDK) version which includes everything necessary to start development:  a programming adapter, a programmed web server board and a complete GNU C compiler with all the source code necessary to program a web server application on the board.   The board is also available pre-programmed with a sample application.  For OEM customers the board is available as an un-programmed blank.

Software Tools
A comprehensive set of development tools is available for applications development.  A Windows and Linux GNU C compiler provides high level application development.  An assembler/simulator is available from Atmel for assembly development and programming.  Extensive technical documentation and source code is available including detailed chip operation/management and application programs.

An open source OS, TCP/IP stack and web server code base with broad industry support is available for IP centric application development.  Many of the on chip peripherals are supported with drivers and application examples ensuring rapid application development.  The sector programmed Flash memory includes a small boot kernel for rapid IP based code download and support in multi-WS128 applications.

Hardware Development Kit (HDK)
The Hardware Development Kit (HDK) includes everything you need to start development.  Included is a CD with all necessary application software development tools, a parallel port ISP programming cable, wall mount power adapter and serial cable.  The HDK can be ordered with additional Expansion adapters for custom application development.

Expansion Options
The WS128 AVR Expansion Port connector contains most of the functional pins of the ATmega128 processor.  Several daughter cards are available for video IO, LCD display, general purpose IO,  and prototype  hardware development.  

Related Products
The following products can be used with the WS128.

    WLP12   Prototyping board

    ST285  RS-232 to RS-485 Adapter

The following hardware and software revisions are in effect:

     Amber SDK V1.4 Release Notes    Amber SDK V1.4 Release Notes.pdf
     Amber SDK V1.4                              Amber SDK
     Amber SDK V1.3                              Amber SDK
     ATmega128 Datasheet                    ATmega128 Datasheet.pdf

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